How To Use Argan Oil On Your Hair

25 April 2017
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You've probably had one issue or another with your hair in the past. Anything from dry scalp to frizz to your hair thinning or even falling out. These are all issues that many women have faced, and they may have tried one or several different treatments containing harmful chemicals without seeing much of an improvement. What about if you could use a more natural treatment to help make your hair healthier, as well as look and feel better? Read More 

Facials For Sensitive Skin

9 June 2015
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If you've always wanted a facial but have sensitive skin, you may be balking at visiting your local spa. After all, you don't want to irritate your face with a harsh peel, mask, or other facial additive. You can still visit your local spa and enjoy pampering your skin with a lovely facial that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and glowing. Discover facial options for your tender skin that will make you feel amazing. Read More 

Four Reasons To Avoid Home Laser Hair Removal And Use A Professional

3 March 2015
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If you have looked into hair removal, you may have noticed a number of laser hair removal options hitting the over the counter market. These options each have their benefits and their disadvantages. There are so many options that you may be left wondering if going to a professional for your laser hair removal is necessary. Here are four reasons you should consider avoiding home options and move to professional options instead. Read More