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Facials For Sensitive Skin

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If you’ve always wanted a facial but have sensitive skin, you may be balking at visiting your local spa. After all, you don’t want to irritate your face with a harsh peel, mask, or other facial additive. You can still visit your local spa and enjoy pampering your skin with a lovely facial that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and glowing. Discover facial options for your tender skin that will make you feel amazing. Avocado Most oils can irritate sensitive skin and lead to breakouts, but avocado oil is an exception. Choose an avocado facial at your spa for a softly invigorating experience that leaves your skin smooth, supple, and full of healthy nutrition without leading to pimples and other skin problems. When having an avocado facial applied to your skin, have your spa specialist rub the ingredient in around your forehead, under your eyes, and around your mouth to address the most thin and tender areas that dry out the most. Sea salt If you need a scrubbing facial to remove dead skin cells and clean out your pores, sea salt is a wonderful option for your tender skin. The all-natural antioxidants and nutrients in sea salt penetrate your skin’s stubborn layers to give you a youthful glow you can love. When getting a sea salt facial, request a larger grain so the scrub gently exfoliates without tearing your skin and causing rashes. Goat milk There are many benefits of a goat milk facial, including: moisturizing and softening cell rejuvenation cleansing sun damage reversal Goat milk resembles the natural PH we carry on our skin, making it a great milk facial if your skin is sensitive to harsher cleansing products. Request a goat milk facial with tea tree oil, witch hazel, or other natural detoxing ingredients to give your skin an ultimate cleansing and cell renewing experience. Sea weed Sea weed is full of natural antioxidants and anti-aging properties, and makes a wonderful mask for your tender skin. You can have a sea weed facial done in addition to a sea salt scrub, or have it applied alone for a rejuvenating experience. When doing a sea weed facial, make sure the spa does not add oils or other harsh chemicals to your mask to help avoid breakouts or irritation. Powdered sea weed mixed with water is all you need for a wonderful facial you can appreciate. Many spas cater to people with sensitive skin and are able to give you options for a facial that will give you lovely results. Talk to your local spa for more about this topic. When asking for a facial at your local spa, make your concerns about your skin known and you can enjoy the benefits of pampering your skin even...

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Four Reasons To Avoid Home Laser Hair Removal And Use A Professional

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If you have looked into hair removal, you may have noticed a number of laser hair removal options hitting the over the counter market. These options each have their benefits and their disadvantages. There are so many options that you may be left wondering if going to a professional for your laser hair removal is necessary. Here are four reasons you should consider avoiding home options and move to professional options instead. Commitment One of the key reasons to consider using a professional rather than an at home laser hair removal is the commitment time. An at-home laser hair removal option will not offer the high power levels of an in office option. This means that you will need to commit to using your device of choice for a longer time to achieve the results you need and maintain those results. A professional option will take several visits, but those visits are less frequent than at home options and the effects last longer. Proper Device Usage One of the biggest reasons that many people choose to use a professional for laser hair removal is the device difficulty. Though there are hundreds of at-home treatment options, most of the devices are complicated. If they are used wrong, or a step is skipped in the process, you could end up with less than desirable results such as uneven removal. A professional knows how to use their equipment and can use it consistently to avoid uneven removal and other issues at-home devices can cause. Skin Irritation There is no device that is made for all skin types. This means that you could end up with mild to severe skin irritation related to the use of at-home laser hair removal devices. In addition to skin irritation, you can also have skin pigment issues and even scarring in severe situations. A professional knows what to do for various skin types and has the equipment needed for those skin types in order to prevent damage and irritation. Cost Comparison You may find that a high-quality at home laser hair removal kit or device can run higher than a one-time visit to a professional. This is especially true if you have insurance that may cover the procedure. You also have to consider the accessories you may need with a home device and replacement of that device if something breaks. These are just a few reasons to consider when you are comparing an at-home laser hair removal option to a salon or professional medical solution. If you have questions about what a professional can do for you and how their services are conducted, consider scheduling a consultation appointment.  For more information, contact Calgary Vein & Laser Laser Hair Treatments or a similar...

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