3 Myths Associated With Coloring Your Hair

2 July 2018
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Whether you need to hide some grey, add highlights, or change up your entire look, coloring your hair can be a great investment for your appearance and self-esteem. Unfortunately, many people are fearful of coloring their hair or using various treatments because of common myths that circulate among friends and family members. Learning the truth behind these common myths will help you determine when and if coloring your hair is right for you. Read More 

New Season, New Look: Trendy Summer Haircuts You Should Try

2 May 2018
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When summer rolls around, a lot of things change — the amount of sun you get during the day, the cancellation of school for children, and, of course, the looks that are currently stylish. But did you know that this changing of the seasons can even result in new haircuts becoming the latest trendy accessory? If you're looking to switch up your style, then here are a few trendy summer haircuts for you to try. Read More 

5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Hair This Winter

27 January 2018
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Winter weather can be harsh on a lot of things, including your hair. With a little special care and attention, you can make sure that your hair looks great throughout this winter. Make Sure Your Hair Is Dry When You Leave Home When you leave home, make sure that your hair is dry. Add extra time into your morning to blow-dry your hair, or wash your hair the night before. When it is cold outside, it will take longer for your hair to dry naturally. Read More 

5 Things You Can Do To Make Hair Color Last Longer

18 December 2017
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When you get your hair colored at a salon like Five60 Salon, you should try to make your hair color last as long as possible. However, you may not be aware of exactly how you can achieve longer lasting color while going through your daily hair care routine. Here are a few tips you can use. Prepare For Coloring What you do before you color your hair is just as important as what you do afterwards. Read More 

How To Color Correct A Bad Dye Job

9 November 2017
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Picture this, you decided to do something a little different to your hair and went to a stylist you've never been to before that your friend suggested to you. You show her a photo of a beautiful hair color with caramel highlights and gorgeous deep brown undertones. You take the plunge and have your hair in foil in no time at all. The stylist rinses you out and begins to style your hair and " Read More