5 Ways To Have Healthier Hair

17 March 2019
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Healthy hair has a beautiful luster and natural shine that only enhances the overall beauty of your hair. Unfortunately, most hair beauty routines actually harm the health of your hair, making it more prone to frizzing, breaking, and cracking. If you want to help your hair regain some of its health, follow this guide.  1. Stop using heat as often. Heat is a major destroyer of overall hair health. Tools like hair dryers, straighteners, and curling irons allow you to style your hair the way you want it, but it also weakens the hair and makes it harder for the hair to retain moisture. Read More 

Why Your Hair Replacement System Might Itch And How You Can Stop It

2 January 2019
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Hair replacement systems from companies like 101 Hair Replacement Systems offer a nonsurgical alternative for remedying hair loss. While these are not the same as toupees, they do involve a layer of hair attached to a base that is then attached to your head. Newer hair replacement technologies are much more comfortable than toupees and older systems. However, because the replacement hair is a separate layer, it still has the potential to make your skin itch if it isn't attached properly, and if you are not using the right system for you. Read More 

Addressing Your Thinning Hair

18 October 2018
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Thinning hair can be one of the more embarrassing cosmetic problems that a person might experience. Unfortunately, adults of both genders and most age brackets can start to experience thinning hair. When you notice that your hair is thinner than normal, learning about the numerous hair loss treatments can help you to effectively protect your appearance. Are Hair Transplants The Only Option? Individuals with thinning hair will often assume that transplants are the only option for achieving a fuller head of hair. Read More 

3 Myths Associated With Coloring Your Hair

2 July 2018
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Whether you need to hide some grey, add highlights, or change up your entire look, coloring your hair can be a great investment for your appearance and self-esteem. Unfortunately, many people are fearful of coloring their hair or using various treatments because of common myths that circulate among friends and family members. Learning the truth behind these common myths will help you determine when and if coloring your hair is right for you. Read More 

New Season, New Look: Trendy Summer Haircuts You Should Try

2 May 2018
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When summer rolls around, a lot of things change — the amount of sun you get during the day, the cancellation of school for children, and, of course, the looks that are currently stylish. But did you know that this changing of the seasons can even result in new haircuts becoming the latest trendy accessory? If you're looking to switch up your style, then here are a few trendy summer haircuts for you to try. Read More