How To Use Argan Oil On Your Hair

25 April 2017
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You've probably had one issue or another with your hair in the past. Anything from dry scalp to frizz to your hair thinning or even falling out. These are all issues that many women have faced, and they may have tried one or several different treatments containing harmful chemicals without seeing much of an improvement. What about if you could use a more natural treatment to help make your hair healthier, as well as look and feel better? Argan hair oil is a great product to use. It's all natural and has a great number of benefits, not just for your hair but for your skin too. See below for some ways to use it on your hair.

1. Leave-In Conditioner

After showering or bathing, with your hair still wet, apply some of the oil to your hair. The oil has moisturizing and hydrating properties to help treat dry or over-treated hair. It's great for those that style their hair often, especially with hot styling products. Use the oil as a leave-in conditioner once per week, then less often as needed.

2. Smoothing Product

The oil can work as a styling or smoothing product. Use a small amount of oil on your hair after drying your hair and before styling it. The oil will help calm frizz, smoothing it for a nice sleek look without looking greasy. Other products may cause damage to the natural oils of your hair, but the argan oil helps improve your hair's texture and gives it back it's natural shine.

3. Moisturizing

Apply a small amount (just a drop or two) of the oil to your hair while shampooing and conditioning your hair in the shower. The oil helps moisturize your hair and your scalp. You'll notice a difference in your hair after just a few uses of this product. This is a great way to use the oil if you have dry hair or a dry, itchy scalp. For a really dry scalp, warm up the oil, then apply about 4–10 drops of the oil directly to your scalp and give yourself a scalp massage to help gently massage it into your skin and heal your scalp.

4. Hair Growth

Use the argan oil to promote hair growth, whether your hair is falling out, thinning, or just isn't growing as quickly as you wanted. Apply the oil to your hair and scalp, massaging it into the scalp and hair strands. You'll begin to notice an improvement in your hair's texture, thickness, as well as growth.

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