Have You Changed Your Hairstyle? What You Need To Know About Altering Clip-In Extensions

27 September 2017
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Clip-in hair extensions can help add volume or length to your hair. Unlike other extensions, these can easily clip in or be taken out, allowing you to decide when and if you want to wear them. Clip-in extensions are also less damaging to your hair than other types of extensions. If you have purchased clip-in extensions and then changed your hairstyle, the extensions may no longer work. Fortunately, many can be altered, allowing you to continue to wear them. Here is what you need to know about altering clip-in extensions:

Cutting Clip-in Extensions

If you have cut your hair and your extensions no longer blend in and look natural, you may be looking to cut your clip-in extensions. It is possible to clip both synthetic and real human hair extensions. If you are looking to have your cut so that they blind in with your new haircut, it is recommended that you have a stylist help you. Clip them in your hair and then have the stylist cut them as if they were your real hair. This helps to ensure that the whole style looks cohesive and flows. However, keep in mind that once extensions have been cut, there is no way to add length back to them. 

Dying Your Clip-in Extensions

If you have dyed your hair a new color, your clip-in extensions may now stand out like a sore thumb. In this case, you may be looking to dye the clip-in extensions so they match the new color of your hair. If the extensions are made from synthetic material, they should never be dyed. Hair dye that is applied to synthetic materials can turn a different color than what you expect. This may ruin the extensions. In this case, it is best to purchase new ones. 

If your hair extensions are made from human hair, they can be dyed. This can be done at home or at a salon. It is recommended that you use the same dye that was used on your hair to match the color as closely as possible. Before the extension can be dyed, it should be washed and cleaned. This helps the dye to better adhere. Once clean, let the hair air dry. From there, the hair can be dyed. As is the case with your hair, dying can dry out natural human hair clip-in extensions and be damaging, so it recommended that you do not repeatedly dye the hair. Once the dyeing process is complete, rinse the dye out and allow the hair to fully dry before clipping it in again. 

You do not have to ditch your extensions just because you have cut or dyed your hair. Most extensions can be altered to match your new hairstyle or color. Contact a salon like M&M Beauty Supply & Wigs for more information and assistance.