Are You Going Bare For Your Honeymoon? 3 Tips To Prep For Your First-Time Wax Treatment

23 October 2017
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Your wedding is just around the corner, and you are excited to finally have a reason to try out a professional wax treatment. After all, you've planned a honeymoon to remember, and you can't wait to spend days wearing little more than a bikini. Waxing is ideal for honeymoon trips because the results last longer than shaving, and you won't have to worry about discovering you missed a spot in the bright, tropical sun. Naturally you want to get the most out of your treatment, so use these tips to prepare for your appointment.

Grow Your Hair Out

Hang up your razor! You will need to skip shaving or plucking the areas that are being waxed for several weeks, since your hair should be at least one-fourth of an inch long so that the wax is able to get a good grip. Although hair growth patterns vary among individuals, you should expect this to take about two to three weeks to achieve if you are starting from a fresh shave. Therefore, you want to make sure to schedule your appointment far enough out that your hair has time to grow if it's not ready yet.

Exfoliate the Day Before

Exfoliating helps to remove dead skin cells, oil, and dirt that clog pores; you want your pores to be as open as possible so that the hair slides out with minimal discomfort. Make sure to exfoliate the skin that will be waxed the day before your appointment. This gives your skin time to calm down any inflammation that may be caused by your preferred method of exfoliation.

Care for Your Skin

Waxing can only be done on healthy skin, so be sure to avoid common injuries such as sunburns right before your appointment. Then, stay hydrated so that your skin retains moisture to keep it from drying out.  Apply lotion in the days leading up to the appointment, but skip it right before your wax since lotions can make it impossible for the wax to grip the hair. It also helps to avoid caffeine and other stimulants on the day of your appointment, since these can cause your skin to be drier and the pores to close.

Soon, you will be enjoying the smooth sensation that only a professional wax treatment, such as those given at Posh Hair Spa & Waxing, provides. By knowing how to prep your skin and hair before the big day, you can be sure that your first waxing experience goes smoothly.