How To Color Correct A Bad Dye Job

9 November 2017
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Picture this, you decided to do something a little different to your hair and went to a stylist you've never been to before that your friend suggested to you. You show her a photo of a beautiful hair color with caramel highlights and gorgeous deep brown undertones. You take the plunge and have your hair in foil in no time at all. The stylist rinses you out and begins to style your hair and "oh my" your hair has blonde highlights and an orange undertone instead - not what you wanted at all. See below for tips on what to do:

Ask To Have It Corrected

Don't be afraid to ask your stylist to correct your hair. For blonder undertones, the stylist can use purple to help clear up the blonde and tone it down. If you aren't happy with the color and it isn't at all what you asked for, don't ever be afraid to say something. Mistakes happen, but you should be able to leave the salon and be happy with your hair.

Go Elsewhere

If the stylist won't correct your hair, go elsewhere. Find a salon with a color specialist that will help you correct your hair. The colorist will be able to help you to at least tone down your hair, so it isn't so orange or white/blonde. You may have to pay extra for the second coloring, but at least you won't be walking around with orange hair and may have something that looks similar to what you wanted.

Color It Yourself

If the salon you originally went to won't correct your hair, and you can't afford to go elsewhere, you can try to tone down your hair yourself. Look at your local beauty supply store for a color correcter. If you want to dye your hair for an all over color, you can try to dye it a darker color, but you'll want to wait at least a week or two so you don't fry your hair. Over-dying your hair can strip it of moisture and leave you with really dry strands of hair. If you do dye your hair with an all-over color, follow it up with a leave-in conditioning mask to bring back the moisture.

Do Research

Be sure to do a little research before going to a salon that a "friend" referred to you. Ask around and even visit the salon before-hand to see some work being done to others getting their hair styled and colored.

Don't be afraid to dye your hair or get highlights or bayalage coloring, just be sure to do your research on the salon you are visiting if it's a new salon. Never be afraid to talk to your stylist if you aren't happy with the results. Contact a salon like Salonmoraee for more information and assistance.