New Season, New Look: Trendy Summer Haircuts You Should Try

2 May 2018
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When summer rolls around, a lot of things change — the amount of sun you get during the day, the cancellation of school for children, and, of course, the looks that are currently stylish. But did you know that this changing of the seasons can even result in new haircuts becoming the latest trendy accessory? If you're looking to switch up your style, then here are a few trendy summer haircuts for you to try.


With summer comes warm weather, and the last thing you want during the hottest days of the year is a lot of long hair sticking to your neck. That's probably why the first summer trend on the list is the classic bob. Cut right under the chin and above the shoulders, the bob allows you to keep your neck cool while still having enough hair to put up or style for more formal events.

For an extra boost to your style this summer, try combining this look with one of 2018's hottest colors — ultraviolet. The two together will create a summer look that you'll be remembering fondly long after the dog days pass and autumn begins.


If even a bob feels just a bit long for fun days on the beach or farmers' markets, why not try a pixie cut? This daring style is cut super-short — up off the neck entirely — so as not to add unnecessary weight and heat and is great for showing off the features of your face for the world to see.

If you really want to take your pixie hairstyle to the next level, try adding side-swept bangs to it. These feathery strands help to frame your face and draw attention to your cheekbones, giving you definition without adding length.

Long Layers

If you prefer your hair long, however, don't worry about looking frumpy or out of style this summer — because long, casual beach waves are in. Getting gentle layers cut into your hair from the base of your neck down (except by your face, where chin-length layers work best), then scrunching and spraying with salt spray is an effortless way to rock this ocean-inspired trend.

But what if you want to kick this look up a notch? Echo the sunset over the beach by going for an ombre effect using subtle pinks and purples fading to dark blue-black hair. You'll get the look of the coast no matter how landlocked your home might be. For more information, contact a company like Burke & Payne Barber Co.