Addressing Your Thinning Hair

18 October 2018
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Thinning hair can be one of the more embarrassing cosmetic problems that a person might experience. Unfortunately, adults of both genders and most age brackets can start to experience thinning hair. When you notice that your hair is thinner than normal, learning about the numerous hair loss treatments can help you to effectively protect your appearance.

Are Hair Transplants The Only Option?

Individuals with thinning hair will often assume that transplants are the only option for achieving a fuller head of hair. However, many individuals will be able to utilize hair follicle stimulants to help address their hair loss problem. When these supplements are used, the hair follicles can be encouraged to produce hair more rapidly.

Do You Need To Wait Until Total Hair Loss To Start Using Hair Follicle Stimulants?

Individuals may find that they can get the best benefits by using hair follicle stimulants as soon as they notice thinning of their hair. This will give these stimulants time to become effective before the hair loss becomes extreme as it may revitalize struggling follicles before the strand of hair falls out. It can be difficult for individuals to accurately measure their hair loss due to becoming accustomed to the way that they look. Taking pictures fo your hair every few weeks will give you a frame of reference to compare your current picture against.

When Will Results Become Noticeable?

In addition to the time needed for your hair to grow, it can also take several weeks for the hair follicle stimulant to be able to affect the follicle. For this reason, patients will need to use these products diligently for at least a couple of months before they notice changes to their hair. When choosing hair follicle stimulants, you may not have the same results from different brands and formulas. This makes a strong incentive for individuals to be willing to switch products if they fail to notice their desired benefits after a couple of months of use.

Are Hair Follicle Stimulating Products Safe For Those With Skin Issues?

The ingredients in hair follicle stimulants vary, and individuals that suffer from skin problems will need to closely review the ingredients in these labels. This is a result of many of these products using essential oils, which can trigger potentially intense allergic reactions in some individuals. Additionally, those with sensitive skin may want to apply these treatments to a limited section of their scalp the first time so that they can see whether a skin reaction should be expected.