5 Ways To Have Healthier Hair

17 March 2019
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Healthy hair has a beautiful luster and natural shine that only enhances the overall beauty of your hair. Unfortunately, most hair beauty routines actually harm the health of your hair, making it more prone to frizzing, breaking, and cracking. If you want to help your hair regain some of its health, follow this guide. 

1. Stop using heat as often.

Heat is a major destroyer of overall hair health. Tools like hair dryers, straighteners, and curling irons allow you to style your hair the way you want it, but it also weakens the hair and makes it harder for the hair to retain moisture. Over time, hair that has excessive heat treatment will become frizzy and have more and more fractured strands and split ends. 

If you want curly hair, try using no heat methods such as rag or rod curlers. If your hair is stubborn, you might even turn to old fashioned steam curlers that still use heat, but the heat is wet, which helps prevent brittleness. Use a low or even cool heat setting when drying your hair. 

If you need to use a straightener to style your hair, talk to your hair salon about buying protective serum products that you can use to guard your hair against heat damage. These products keep your hair healthy and allow you to use heat without fear. As a bonus, they also improve the results of the style, leaving your hair shinier while holding the style longer. 

2. Wear a hat.

Sun is damaging to your hair. If you are really committed to healthier hair, use a hat during the summer. The hat will also protect your scalp from sun damage.

4. Stop using home hair color treatments. 

Hair color treatments at home are hard to control. Many include bleaching agents and harsh chemicals that can cause lasting damage to your hair strands. If you want to dye your hair, visit a professional salon. They know how to control the color job for the least possible amount of damage. Leaving home color treatments on too long or using them too often causes chemical damage to your hair that may not be reversible. 

5. Wash your hair less often. 

Finally, wash your hair less frequently. Some people wash their hair every time they shower. However, washing your hair daily can strip the hair of the oils it uses to retain moisture. Your hair will get drier over time.

Instead, wait several days between washes. To combat the look of greasy locks, get a dry shampoo to help stretch your hair between washes. 

For more information about keeping your hair healthy, speak with a stylist at a hair salon.