4 Reasons To Leave Hair Coloring To The Professionals

16 July 2019
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When it comes time to dye your hair, which method do you use? Do you reach for box dye at the local pharmacy, or do you let a professional hairdresser dye your hair? While box dye is more affordable, there are a few reasons why it's often worthwhile to leave the coloring to a stylist.

1. They can help you choose the proper shade.

There are so many different shades of red, blonde, and brown. Some have cool undertones, and others have warmer undertones. Choosing the right color for your hair is more complex than just picking one that looks nice in a picture. For a look that's natural and appealing, you really need to choose a color that looks nice with the undertones in your skin. Your stylist can help you do this. Box dye does not come in as many nuanced colors, so you might be left with a color that makes you look washed out or too dark.

2. They can formulate the dye not to damage your hair.

Box colors are notorious for being tough on your hair strands. They contain a lot of ammonia, which lifts the cuticle -- the outer layer of your hair -- resulting in hair that looks fluffy and coarse. Hairdressers tend to use dye that is gentler and that causes less damage to the hair shaft, so you can not only have the hair color you want, but hair that has a nice and appealing texture as well.

3. They won't miss spots.

You can't see the back of your head. Even if you're able to position yourself in front of a mirror in a way that sort of allows you to see the back of your head, it's so easy to miss spots! A few un-dyed hair strands will really stand out and look strange. Your hairdresser, of course, can see your whole head to ensure each hair is properly treated.

4. They can blend and add different colors.

If you use box dye, you will generally dye your entire head the exact same color. This look is pretty limiting. Your stylist, on the other hand, can vary the colors used on your head. They can add some lighter colors at the front of your head and darker ones at the back of your head. This gives you a more sophisticated, professional appearance. 

If you have any additional questions about professional hair color, talk to your hairdresser