Services To Make Your Next Hair Salon Appointment Extra Special

25 May 2021
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Going to the hair salon is about more than making your hair look amazing. To some degree, it is also about pampering yourself and making yourself feel more special. If you're in the mood to focus on that aspect and you really want to walk out of the salon feeling great about yourself, then here are some extra services you may want to add to your typical cut and color.

Hair Masks

You might put a mask on your face at home or have one done at a spa. But did you know there are also masks for hair? Most salons offer a few different mask options with different benefits. One mask might be designed to pull impurities from your hair and scalp. Another mask may be designed to repair split ends, and another may be designed for deep conditioning. 

You can talk to your stylist and see which mask they feel is best suited for your needs. Your stylist will apply the mask, usually to damp hair, and then have you relax for 20 or 30 minutes while the mask goes to work. Sometimes, they may have you rest under a heat lamp. Then, the mask will be rinsed out, and you can enjoy how much healthier your hair feels.

Keratin Treatments

If you wear your hair in a straighter, sleeker style, then you might want to pamper yourself with a keratin treatment. Keratin is a protein that gives your hair its strength. But keratin can be leached out of your hair if you use a lot of heat styling tools or if your hair has been chemically straightened. A keratin treatment adds keratin back to your hair, which will make it a lot shinier and help reverse some of this damage. Your stylist will apply a treatment to your hair and then set it in with heat. Usually, they will use a flat iron to straighten your hair after this treatment.


If you're happy with the condition of your hair but still want to do something extra to make yourself feel special, a blow-out can be a good choice. Your stylist will apply a product that really locks in the style, and then they will blow your hair out smooth and straight. A good blow-out can look amazing for a few days, which can keep you feeling pampered.

Visiting the hair salon is a nice way to pamper yourself, especially if you opt for one of these services above.