How To Get A Haircut You Love

21 July 2021
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Are you tired of walking out of the hair salon with a haircut you find passable, but not amazing? Maybe you listen to friends rave about their haircuts and wish you could have a haircut you love that much. Here's the good news: you can. And you may not need to change hairstylists, either. Here are some ways to work with your current stylist to get a haircut you don't just like, but love.

Ask what works for your face shape

It's really important that your hairstyle complements your face shape. If you have a really round face and you get a cut that just makes your face look rounder, you probably won't love it, even if your hair itself looks nice. If you have a long face, a cut that makes your face look even longer isn't ideal, either. There's an entire art and science behind matching hairstyles with face shape, so this is something to talk to your stylist about. Ask them what cuts they would recommend based on your face shape, and listen as they explain various options to you. Even if a recommendation doesn't initially sound like something you'd choose, give it a chance. It will probably look better than you think; you're just not used to it.

Look at pictures with your stylist

Have you ever told your hairstylist you wanted "a little off the top," only to leave with hair that was much shorter than you'd pictured? Chances are, your stylist didn't screw up — they just interpreted "a little bit" differently than you. So, if you want to get a haircut you actually love, one secret is to use pictures. Show your stylist pictures depicting what you want and what you mean. Similarly, if your stylist describes a cut to you and you're not sure what they mean, ask them to show you a picture. 

Tell your stylist how much styling you're willing to do

If you're someone who likes to style your hair in two minutes and then go out the door, you're not going to love a style that takes a half-hour to do. So, be honest with your stylist about how much upkeep and styling you're willing to do with your hair. Are you willing to heat style? How many products are you willing to use? With this information, they can give you a style that's better suited to your lifestyle and preferences.

You don't have to tolerate your haircut — you can love it. Use the tips above next time you're due for a cut. If you're looking for a new stylist, contact local haircut services to learn more about your options.