Frankincense Cold And Hot Process Soap Products

15 November 2021
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The earthy scent and healing properties of frankincense make this resin a beneficial additive to handmade bar soap products. Anti-aging handmade soaps are gentle on the skin and will support a self-care regimen that is geared toward maintaining supple skin and reversing the signs of aging or physical imperfections.

Soap Production

Cold process and hot process soap production requires oils and lye to be combined together. Milk, fruit juice, or tea is occasionally added to bars of soap. A beverage product that is added to an artisan product may improve moisture properties, textures, or colors of soaps. An immersion process is used to produce cold process soaps. Saponification is conducted at room temperature. Cold process soaps need to be cured and this can take several weeks.

Hot process soaps consist of heating up the oils and lye. Once a soap mixture has turned into a gel form, resins and other ingredients can be added to the mixture. The mixture is poured into a mold and will eventually harden. Hot process soap products may only require a couple days to cure.

Frankincense can be used in either type of soap production. Hardened gum resins that are obtained from Boswellia trees are transformed into oil. The benefits that frankincense oil is noted for will be equally evident in both cold and hot soap production processes. 

Frankincense Soap Products

Colloidal oatmeal, poppy seeds, and various powders and flours are added to some exfoliating soaps. A bar of frankincense soap that contains exfoliating ingredients will vigorously scrub skin as a soap bar glides across the face or the body.

Frankincense oil is a natural astringent. It can heal skin imperfections, including acne and scars. The oil is considered effective in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Soap products include individual soap bars, soap on a rope products, and soaps that each come enclosed in an exfoliating pouch. If you purchase a frankincense soap bar that is attached to a nylon rope, you will have the opportunity to secure the rope around your neck or wrist. This action will keep your soap within reach throughout your self-care routine.

If you purchase a frankincense soap bar that is contained within an exfoliating pouch, the bar of soap will remain concealed at all times. Small holes in the bag will release the lather that is produced after applying water to to the bagged soap and rubbing the bag across your skin.

For more information about anti-aging frankincense handmade soap, contact a local seller.