Beneficial Properties Of Balsam Fir Soap

14 February 2022
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There are many self-care products on the market, like lotion, hairspray, and soap, and it can be hard to know which ones are right for you. Choosing more products made with natural and simple ingredients is a good way to cut down on the chemicals in your self-care routine. Soap is a common item that everyone uses in their everyday lives, so it is important to buy something with refreshing and healthy qualities.

Balsam fir soap has natural ingredients that provide beneficial attributes you won't get with soap made of other materials. 

No Artificial Fragrances and Colors

Artificial fragrances and colors can not only irritate sensitive skin, but extensive exposure may also lead to nervous system, liver, and kidney damage. Additionally, the chemicals that are released into the environment when you throw out your old soaps can hurt the planet. But you can choose to buy natural and organic soaps locally or elsewhere to help the planet and yourself. 

Balsam fir soaps are often made with essential oils, shea butter, and other hydrating ingredients, which invigorates your skin. Plus, you get to enjoy a rich and foresty scent. 


A lot of soaps are made with animal byproducts like milk or fat. Having more natural ingredients means fewer chemicals and animals are involved. Plus, companies that offer vegan soap usually don't rely on any sort of animal testing. Vegan soap ensures your skin is soft and moisturized and avoids breakouts. For vegans and mindful consumers, balsam fir soap is a great option as it is made with wholesome materials and is friendly to animals and all skin types. 

No Harmful Chemicals

Some soaps you'll find in the store contain chemicals like parabens and phthalates. Parabens are a chemical preservative, and when you use soap with parabens, your skin can become brittle and cracked. Phthalates are incorporated into products like detergents and soaps to increase durability and have longer-lasting scents. While they benefit many products, phthalates also can lead to allergies, illness, and even skin-related issues such as eczema. Human skin is one of the first defenses against the outer world, so it deserves care.

Balsam fir soaps are paraben and phthalate-free. They use natural essential oils for a vibrant smell and are mixed with different butters to help heal skin, not hurt it. 

Soap is something you use daily. While it may seem like a small part of your routine, taking care of your skin provides long-term benefits. Consider adding balsam fir soap to your personal care products and start enjoying healthier skin.