The Right Cut For Your Face: Haircuts For Men To Enhance Facial Structure

21 February 2023
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You may have noticed that not every hairstyle looks good on every man. It has a lot to do with the shape of your face and how different cuts bring out the features of your face.

Here are some haircuts that can help you look your best.

The Buzz Cut

A buzz cut is a great option for men with round faces, as it will help to add length and minimize the overall width. This haircut also looks good on men with square faces, as it softens the angles. However, this cut may not be the best option if you have a long face shape, as it can further elongate your face shape.

If you're looking to give this cut a try, you can choose from several variations. You can opt for a classic buzz cut that's cut close to the scalp or go with something slightly longer. If you want to take it a step further, try an undercut where the sides and back are cut short while the top is left slightly longer.

Depending on your facial structure and hair type, you can add texture to enhance the effect. For instance, if you have wavy hair, an experienced barber can give you a buzz cut with a textured finish to create more volume. This look works particularly well on men with oval faces as it helps to emphasize the cheekbones and draw attention away from the forehead.

The Curtain Cut

If you have a round face, the curtain cut is a great option as it helps to create a more angular look. This cut is characterized by long bangs parted in the middle and pulled back behind the ears or tucked behind the ears, creating an alternative to a side part.

The length of the bangs will depend on individual preference, but they should generally be kept long enough to cover the forehead. This look will help elongate the face, giving it a more angular shape and drawing attention away from any wider features.

You might also want to add some layers to further elongate the face. This can be achieved by simply adding more length at the sides and back or by adding more texture to the overall look. If you have curly hair, an experienced barber can help you create a modern, messy curtain cut that will look great and suit your round face shape.

Different hairstyles can help to bring out the best features in your face and create a more flattering look. Depending on the shape of your face, haircuts like the buzz cut and curtain cut can help to enhance your facial structure. You can also add texture and layers to your cut or experiment with different lengths and styles to create something that's unique to you.

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